August 2, 2015

Wiz Khalifa dons Lil Debbie's mixtape with a "420 friendly" guest feature

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News has it that Bay area rapper Lil Debbie released an 8-track mixtape, Homegrown, and guess who's featured on the tracklist—none other than megastar Wiz Khalifa on a smoker's only collab carefully titled '420':

--Photo: HighTimes

Politely curving Wiz's widely-publicized "baby-mama drama" with Amber Rose as it relates to other women, how the hell does Lil Debbie seriously manage to pay out these top dollar features without a major record deal? Wiz is such a staple in the industry that it's hard to imagine how big of a check this feature might've even cost.

To be fair, both rappers circulate around Cali, L.A., and the Bay area scene, get money independently (tours, merch, appearances, etc), and smoke pounds of expensive marijuana, therefore it's no coincidence that Wiz and Debbie would run into each other from time to time -enough to furnish this unexpected collab.