August 30, 2015

Katie Got Bandz looks piped up on Twitter, joins Chicago female rap group WWA.

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Whether you dance, sing, study, act, paint, go to college, or are working towards a brighter future, getting money (bandz in urban culture) is at the top of everyone's bucket list, especially for a particular female rapper from Chicago, Katie Got Bandz.

Who's been living up to that name in a recent flow of picture tweets, dripping in some seriously lavish gear:
Seems that aside from the done up look, Katie's hustling for even more bandz and street cred by teaming up with fellow female rappers from Lucci Vee, Sasha Go Hard, and Chella H to form Chicago's first NWA-inspired coalition, WWA (Women With Attitude):

Keep an eye on the @KatieGotBandz movement on Twitter.