July 25, 2015

Everything about Queen Honey Cocaine feels relevant in 2015

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Representing Toronto, Canada, a place well-known and well-referenced as the "6" in urban music culture, Honey Cocaine is a young rap artist with a portfolio's work of potential to expand into the mainstream.

Not many can call themselves an expert of Asian rap, which is not to be polarized from the category of general rap: Honey Cocaine's sound speaks in a rather daring direction for the ethnic background she originates from, penning lyrics where everyday situations about getting money could involve guns, drive-bys (in real life), or ransom.

July 23, 2015

Lil Debbie rolls a fat smoker's anthem in 'Lofty' for Colt 45 mixtape

Without an ounce of doubt, urban music-heads need to point their ears in the direction of the Bay's Lil Debbie's melodic juiciness on one of her latest tunes (and video) 'Lofty', a WorldStarHipHop exclusive featured on Colt 45's compilation mixtape:

Perhaps the hook's repetition makes for a transient experience in the music, but Lil Debbie's dope, free-spirited essence mixed seamlessly throughout the flows brings listeners into an ethereal and mystically visual realm of personal and meditative reflection.

...And hearing a tune about getting "high as f***" is a warm, fuzzy feeling that most would love to smoke and jam to, right?

PS. We don't recommend Colt 45 as a chaser. Drink responsibly!